Our Operations

Our Operations

Investment Strategy

The strategic diversity that Oryx Holding has pursued, by investing in several geographies and utilizing its deep and varied human expertise, has created lucrative investment opportunities in many industries.

Target Markets

We are active in Kuwait, Egypt, UAE and the UK. These markets were chosen based on their promising fundamentals and our deep network of strategic relationships.

Target Sectors
  • Trading Sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Service Sector
Investment Entry Strategy

We provide capital in the early stages of establishment for companies operating in sectors where we have unique and value-added experiences.

Portfolio Companies

Oryx Holding is a group consisting of 18 different companies active in several economic sectors in Kuwait, Egypt, UAE and United Kingdom. These companies have been operating since 2010 in the services, manufacturing and trading sectors. The holding entity was officially established in 2018 to support these companies and to place them on a single platform.