Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Promising Economic Sector

Our investment decision is based selecting promising economic sectors with strong ROI’s as well as sustainable barriers to entry to limit the threat of competition. The sectors we target are determined by a number of factors, including the economic cycle, the size of the addressable market, the consumption patterns, technological advancements and the regulatory environment that supports the future growth potential in the sector

Successful Management Team

As we are in constant pursuit of investment opportunities, we rely on the our management team which is capable of exploring growth opportunities, has a track record of achievements and is capable of  adding value by improving operational performance and organic growth.

Strategic Support from Group

After entering into any investment, Oryx Holding provides strategic support to the management team of the company to assist them in achieving the desired operational results.  The usual types of support include:

  • Refining the business strategy to better fit market trends
  • Identifying, monitoring and improving key operational metrics
  • Accessing well regarded external expertise (when required)
  • Supporting expansion activities through acquisitions