About Us

Oryx Holding is a group consisting of 18 different companies active in several economic sectors in Kuwait, Egypt, UAE and United Kingdome. These companies have been operating since 2010 in the services, manufacturing and trading sectors. The holding entity was officially established in 2018 to support these companies and to place them on a single platform.

The group invests in companies that operate in vital and promising sectors and have strong management teams which has enabled the group to control dominant and strategic market shares as part of Oryx Holding’s long-term investment strategy.

The companies in the group operate in several sectors and 12 different business activities:

  • Oil and gas services
  • Building material manufacturing
  • Building material trading
  • Crushers and quarries
  • Road asphalt manufacturing
  • Agricultural trading
  • Heavy equipment leasing
  • Transport and  logistics services
  • Electrical car manufacturing
  • Educational technology
  • Consulting services
  • Investment banking